Secret Wednesday

7 Things I can’t handle – Secret Wednesday

1.) Spit. I hate it. The worst thing you could do to me is to spit on me while talking. I cannot handle french kissing. The thought of someone else’s wet, slimy spit coming close to my face just grosses me out. Yuck.

2.) Better than you attitudes. I’ve worked a lot of customer service jobs and this thing really gets on my bad side. While in college I worked at the local drug store. A customer came in and bought some beer or something and gave me a $20 for the order. Then he found some change and gave that to me so he wouldn’t get back any change. He told me to wait for him to figure it up. He’s words were “I have a college degree let me make sure it’s right.” There are so many words I wanted to say to him, but I just stood there and let him figure it out, when I already knew the answer and had it in my hands. Treat everyone with respect because you have no idea what their story is.

3.) Raw animal fat. I hate touching the fat of chicken breast before cooking or the layer around a ham. It’s a lot like spit. Slimy and gross.

4.) Feet. Feet are gross, enough said.

5.) Girls who say they are gamers, but have never played more than 2 games. Or have never played and enjoyed the classics. This is more of a pet peeve but I can’t handle girls who only say they are gamers to get guy’s attention. I play loads of PC and consul games and generally don’t broadcast it around. It’s something I do for fun, not to get attention.

6.) Eye boogers in pet’s eyes. Another thing that drives me crazy and I cannot help but wipe them away while gagging and immediately washing my hands.

7.) Wet cat litter. Simply put my cat is a slob and I’m all the time stepping in littler he’s tracked through the house and somehow into his water bowl.

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