Hi ya’ll, my name is Jay to the MacDaddy (just kidding I have no idea where that came from). But my friends call me Jenn for the most part. I’m in my early thirties and passionate about so many things. So I made this blog as a way to share my love with the world. I don’t actually expect anyone to stumble across my little crack in the interweb, but in case you’re reading this, welcome!

On this little piece of my haven you’ll find topics consisting my love of:
1.) Genealogy  – I am trying to prove that O a
2.) My cat (I’m training to be a crazy cat lady)
3.) History (with a special interest in Ancient history)
4.) Writing – I’m not a good writer, but it’s something I’m passionate about. Even if my novels never go past me and my friends.
5.) Postcards – I am a very active member of the Postcrossing community and have collected cards from over 70 countries so far.
6.) Video Games – Thanks to my ex-boyfriend I have been an avid gamer for the last 10 years. At least he left me with something.
7.) TV shows and Film. – I am the queen of binge watching stuff and usually have an opinion about it.
8.) Anything from the following fandoms: Dr. Who, Sherlock, Big Bang Theory, Lord of the Rings, Jane Austen, Vampire Academy.
9.) My travels. – I haven’t gone outside of the USA yet, but hopefully one day I will. You’re very likely to hear things about Scotland on this site. I’m a little obsessed with it.
10.) Loads of other things including cooking, photography, graveyards, crafts and etc.