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The Candy Cane – Short Story Saturday

She should be working. She had mountains of paperwork to fill out for the new merger, but for some reason she couldn’t stop twirling the candy cane around in her hand. When was the last time she actually ate a candy cane? Christmas had passed by weeks ago and she kept the little staff-like candy… Continue reading The Candy Cane – Short Story Saturday

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Short Story Saturday – writing prompts

With all of the excitement this week I did not have the time to write a short story for today. So instead I browsed the interwebs for a few minutes and pulled out 11 writing prompts that I hope will inspire your next great American novel. Or at least make you think. 1.) A babysitter… Continue reading Short Story Saturday – writing prompts

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The Escape – Short Story Saturday

New weekly blog theme. Every Saturday (Or the ones I remember to do) I’ll post a new short story to enjoy. Hopefully this will keep me in the habit of writing and one day I’ll finish my novels. Ha, almost typed that with a straight face. The Escape She sat outside on the fire escape.… Continue reading The Escape – Short Story Saturday