Secret Wednesday

Holiday Sadness -Secret Wednesday

With Christmas coming up in a couple days I figured with out be appropriate to post now. The secret is that I don’t enjoy the holiday’s anymore and actually dread their arrival. Last week I talked about my love / hate relationship with people. This rings more true with when it comes to my family.… Continue reading Holiday Sadness -Secret Wednesday

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5 Things Pain Management staff want you to know

I never thought I would work in the medical field, especially pain management. For those of you who don’t know, my uncle and his girlfriend were pill heads for many years. They were always doped up on Oxy or whatever new drug was out there. I have witnessed phone calls between them and their doctors… Continue reading 5 Things Pain Management staff want you to know

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Short Story Saturday – writing prompts

With all of the excitement this week I did not have the time to write a short story for today. So instead I browsed the interwebs for a few minutes and pulled out 11 writing prompts that I hope will inspire your next great American novel. Or at least make you think. 1.) A babysitter… Continue reading Short Story Saturday – writing prompts


Postcard Friday – Slovakia

It’s postcard Friday ya’ll. Today is a wonderful card my co-worker Dana had sent for me from her country of Slovakia. One of the great things about where I work, is that we are a true melting pot of cultures. We have people from Slovakia, Germany, Trinidad, Philippines, Cuba, Ireland, India, Pakistan and more I’m sure. People I work with now… Continue reading Postcard Friday – Slovakia

Secret Wednesday · Workday

Love and Hate – Secret Wednesday

Tomorrow is our annual office Christmas party. Last week we had one for the community where medical professionals came and ate and mingled with our favorite drug and home health reps. That party lasts about 4 hours and it can be a lot of fun. The staff party is on a whole different level. Last… Continue reading Love and Hate – Secret Wednesday

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The Escape – Short Story Saturday

New weekly blog theme. Every Saturday (Or the ones I remember to do) I’ll post a new short story to enjoy. Hopefully this will keep me in the habit of writing and one day I’ll finish my novels. Ha, almost typed that with a straight face. The Escape She sat outside on the fire escape.… Continue reading The Escape – Short Story Saturday

Secret Wednesday

Mountains of Death – Secret Wednesday

I’m going to start a new tradition on my blog here of sharing one secret every Wednesday, or more likely on the Wednesday’s I remember to blog. To start things off i’m going share with you my biggest, most irrational fear of them all. Now you may be thinking, spiders, or bugs because I’m a… Continue reading Mountains of Death – Secret Wednesday